Been thinkin’ about dreams.

Not the nonsensical stories your brain creates as you sleep at night. But the dreams we weave at our desks, head in hand. Dreams that flutter into our minds as we fly down asphalt and train tracks. Dreams crafted with cerebral scissors and mental glue. Dreams that make our eyes shine. Dreams that make our hearts beat. Dreams that give us something to live for, to strive for.

I used to think that dreams were indulgent. That dreams were schemed by people not content with their lives. And to some extent this is true. We dream about that ideal career, that ideal body, that ideal family, that ideal social life. Some people are so caught up in these unattainable ideals that they forget about all the good they have, right this very second. We need to be thankful.

But I took this disdain for dreaming too far. To avoid ever being discontent with my life, I decided to always be content in the moment. To protect myself from the possibility of dreams not coming true, I squashed every desire that threatened to throw off my blissful balance.

Oh Carissa, why did you do that to yourself?

You see, when I prevented myself from dreaming, I prevented myself from being the best I could be. How could I grow if I insisted that being a seed was the best there was? God calls us to be content in every situation (Philippians 4:11). But he also calls us to press on toward the goal! God doesn’t call us to be content in our recliners. He calls us to be content through our trials, as we go out into the world, making disciples of every nation.

As we set aside selfish dreams, remember that we can dream virtuous dreams. And as Christians, we should dream such dreams! We should dream of love and joy and faithfulness and integrity and finishing a race well-run.

So dream big, brothers and sisters. Place your mustard seed of faith in the Father’s hand, imagining the incredible ways He will grow you.

Go on, now.



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